Deferred Disposition

Deferred Disposition is a type of probation that can dismiss your citation if you meet certain criteria. You will be on a 90 day probation. Individuals who do not meet the requirements below may then request a court date to appear before the judge.


If you successfully comply with the conditions of the deferred agreement, the case shall be dismissed by the Court and shall not be reported as a conviction to Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Failure to Comply

If you fail comply with the conditions of the deferral, the court will require your appearance at a show cause hearing that will be mailed to you at the last known address the court has on file.

If you fail to appear at the show cause hearing it will then result as a conviction on your driving record and a capias pro-fine will be issued if applicable.

Eligibility Requirements

A defendant is eligible for deferred disposition if:

  • The defendant is charge with: Speeding Greater Than 10% Above Limit, Speeding in a School Zone, Disregard an Official Traffic Control Device, Ran Stop Sign, Ran Red Light, Change Lane When Unsafe, Drove Improved Shoulder, Fail to Stop at Stop Sign, Stopping in an Intersection, Prohibited Crossing of Property
  • The defendant provides proof of a valid drivers license (not restricted to Texas);
  • 17 years of age or older at the time of the offense
  • Pays the court cost and deferred fine up front
  • when making their request and not being timely the defendant, being required to pay an additional $45.00 to the deferred fine

Not Eligible

A defendant is not eligible for deferred disposition if:

  • The defendant is/was a holder of a commercial driver's license at the time of the offense;
  • The offense occurred in a construction or maintenance work zone with workers present;
  • The defendant was involved in an accident resulting in property damage or personal injury;
  • The offense involves passing a school bus;
  • The offense involves failing to obey a school crossing guard; or
  • The offense involves speeding in excess of 25 miles per hour (mph) or more over the posted limit or in excess of 85 mph

Ways to Request a Deferred Disposition

Late Deferred Disposition Requests

The court may grant deferred disposition at the court window or by mail after the 20th business day from the date of your citation. When making the request and not being timely, the defendant may be required to pay an additional $45.00 to the deferred fine (no personal or business checks are accepted). Please contact the court to confirm if you are still eligible for this option. You may reach us at 512-327-1862.