Ways to Handle a Citation

I Got a Ticket. What Do I Do?

After receiving a citation, you will have 20 business days to enter an appearance with the court. An appearance with the court is a formal proceeding on handling your citation (requesting a court date, payment arrangements, etc.).

Adults Have A Few Basic Choices: 

I'm 16 or Younger and I Got a Citation. What Do I Do?

Choices for age 16 and younger

Consequences of Not Handling Your Citation

Negative consequences begin immediately after the 20th business day if an option has not been provided or mailed (as evidenced by postmark) to the court.

Consequences on Criminal Cases (17 years of age and over)

Failure to appear timely or comply with a Court Order may result in additional penalties, such as:

  • Increased fine amounts
  • Additional costs and fees, as required by law. Examples of additional costs and fees include a $15.00 time payment reimbursement fee, $50.00 warrant of arrest fee, license and vehicle registration renewal fees ($30.00)
  • The issuance of a warrant of arrest
  • To avoid additional penalties, it is important to comply with scheduled court dates and payment agreements. If you are unable to pay, you can learn more about options that may be available to you on the payment plan or extension to pay webpage.

Drivers License Suspension

If you suspect that your driver's license has been denied due to a failure to appear / failure to pay you will need to contact Texas Department of Public Safety at 512-424-2600 or OmniBase client services at 800-686-0570.