PENALTY FEE UPDATE: As of January 1, 2020 past due balances will receive a Penalty fee in the amount of $25.00 for residential accounts, and $35.00 penalty for commercial accounts. A late fee would be applied on the 16th day from the billing due date.

WINTER WATER AVERAGING period starts 12/15/2019- 3/15/2020.

NON-RESIDENTIAL SERVICE CONTRACT FEE CHANGE: The new rates shall be set effective January 1, 2020, for NRCSA customers only. Demand charge: $18.37 Volume Charge $17.78 (per 1,000 gallons).

The City of West Lake Hills and Water District 10 work together to provide water and wastewater services to the residents of West Lake Hills.   A water account must be set up with Water District 10. A wastewater account must be set up with The City of West Lake Hills.

Activate Wastewater Utility Account:

  • Complete the Wastewater Application & Service Agreement & Email to: ww@westlakehills.org
    • There is a $200 deposit for new residential accounts. Payment applied to 1st month bill.
    • There is a $100 non-refundable application fee. Payment applied to 1st month bill.
    • If a resident does not have acceptable meter readings for the preceding January, February, and March, the customer’s monthly wastewater bill shall be set at an annual default wastewater average which is 5,000 gallons.

Cancel  Wastewater Utility Account:

  • Contact Water District 10 to cancel regular water services at (512) 327-2230.
  • Complete Wastewater Cancellation Form and submit by email, fax, or mail.

Failure to cancel services may result in a $35 fee added to your final bill. Should you have questions regarding your bill, set up, or disconnection services please email

Wastewater maintenance and repairs:

  • Contact Crossroads Utility Services 512-246-1400
  • Some repairs may be charged back to the customer. Please review the Grinder Pump User Guide to ensure proper maintenance.

Primary Contacts for Wastwater Connection Inspections

  • West Lake Hills Utility Coordinator:  512-610-6866. For general information on wastewater capacity availability, eligibility for service, service applications, connection fees, pre‐construction meeting, and final approval of the wastewater connection.
  • ATS (Licensed Plumbing and Electrical Inspections): 512‐328‐6995. ATS is required to inspect all plumbing and electrical installations. Plumbing includes all work from the residence to the grinder pump unit.
  • Crossroads Utility Services (Grinder Unit, Low Pressure Service Lines, and Connections to Main Inspections): 512‐246‐1400. Crossroads is required to inspect the installation of the grinder pump unit, low pressure service lines, and connections to existing mains.
  • Hydro Source Services (Grinder Pump Unit Supplier): 512-572-6188.  Hydro Source Services is the required supplier of the grinder pump units. They are required to certify the installation and to start‐up the grinder pump unit prior to connection to the system.
  • West Lake Hills Septic Inspector: Call 512‐610‐6836 or 512‐327‐3628 or email. Coordinate decommissioning of existing septic system with the City’s Septic Inspector. Schedule an appointment to discuss the requirements for each specific system. Abandonment shall be in accordance with current TCEQ regulations.


Recurring Payments Authorization Form

Grinder Pump User Guide

Wastewater Cancellation Form

Wastewater Billing and Winter Water Averaging Fact Sheet

Wastewater New Service Connection FormWest Lake Hills Wastewater Collection System Map (March 2017)
Capital Recovery Fees

Permit Submittal Summary Checklist

Residential Connection ManualCommercial Self-Connection Manual
2019 Estimated Connection Fees

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