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Preliminary Application

  1. Preferred Contact Method*
  2. Are you currently licensed by TCOLE?*
  3. If not, are you attending an academy?
  4. Are you a U.S Citizen?*
  5. Have you ever been arrested or detained by law enforcement?*
  6. Have you served in the military?*
  7. If yes, honorably discharged?
  8. Have you ever used any other illegal controlled substance (heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, etc.) or any drug (including a performance-enhancing steroid) not prescribed by a physician? *
  9. Click the submit button below to send this preliminary application to us at You will be contacted using your preferred contact method within 5 days. Should you have any questions or concerns before then, please reach out to us at the email above or at 512-327-1195. 

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