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Request for Close Patrol

  1. *See Disclaimer at the Bottom of the Form Regarding this Option

  2. Owner

  3. *Must be a residence within the city limits of West Lake Hills

  4. Emergency Contact:

  5. Do they have a key to the residence?*

  6. Alarm:

  7. Alarm: *If you select yes, please fill out the 2 fields below.

  8. Does Emergency Contact have Alarm Code?

  9. Other Contact

  10. Lights Left On:*

  11. Will there be pets at home?

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  13. Vehicles in Driveway:

  14. Other Vehicles:

  15. People:

  16. Do you have an external gate with a gate code? *

  17. I understand that if I did not select "Drive by Only" at the top of this form, officers with the West Lake Hills Police Department may be walking around my house and checking doors and windows at any time of day between the “start” and “end” dates listed. If the officers find an unsecured door, I understand they will make entry and search the house to make sure nobody has broken in and may still be inside. I agree to call the West Lake Hills Police Department and let them know if I return prior to the “end” date listed.

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